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A nourishing shampoo bar that stimulates hair follicles and helps promote fuller more radiant hair. Our shampoo bars offer an eco-friendly, packaging-free option for luxurious haircare. Providing natural moisture from roots down to ends, coconut acts as a natural conditioner and de-tangler. With great cleansing properties this bar provides a rich creamy lather to deeply nourish and moisturise.


MADDIE always recommend you shampoo twice, as the second wash produces a lot more lather. The first wash moved and lifts the dirt and extra oils in your hair and  the second wash works on removing it cleaner hair. Coming from a family of hairdressers, it was always a secret we shared with friends for beautiful hair.

Thoroughly wet hair thoroughly your hair, from the roots down. Rub the shampoo bar between your wet hands to create a nice lather. Gently rub wet the shampoo bar directly onto your hair from roots down to ends Continue to add water to  create the lather. Massage scalp and hair, adding more water as needed, until a good lather forms.

RINSE RINSE RINSE – to ensure that all of the shampoo bar residue is rinsed clean.

If you have long hair lift  up sections of your hair to ensure that all of the shampoo bar residue is rinsed clean.

Repeat again.

Dry and style your hair as normal.


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